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11965 Pellicano Dr.
El Paso, TX 79936

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11165 La Qunita Pl.
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Patient Hours: Mon-Thu: 7:00am - 4:00pm
Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 5:00pm


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Apr 2015


ADA Applauds USPHS Final Recommendation on Optimal Fluoride Level in Drinking Water

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The American Dental Association (ADA) commends the Department of Health and Human Services for announcing the U.S. Public Health Service final recommendation for the optimal level of fluoride in community water systems. The agency’s recommended ratio of fluoride to water, newly calibrated at 0.7 parts per million, results from years of scientifically rigorous analysis of the amount of fluoride people receive from all sources.


Sep 2016


Ask the ADA Tooth Fairy

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Ask the ADA Tooth Fairy...Why do your baby teeth fall out, and how does the Tooth Fairy know when you've lost one?  Find out the answers to those questions and more in our exclusive interview! 


Aug 2014


What's Making Your Child Grind Their Teeth?

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Teeth grinding is an unpleasant reality for some kids. A dentist will refer to grinding teeth as bruxism, which is the clenching and grinding of the teeth affecting about 30% of children. This is an abnormal condition, which is usually outgrown.

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