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Consult a Dentist so that Your Child owns a Healthy and Even Set of Teeth

As a mother, you have various responsibilities to bear and one of them is to take preventive measures so that your child does not face dental issues as well as start taking your child to the dentist from an early age. We, at Dental Ark, have an experienced team of childrens dentist, who have solved various kinds of tooth diseases. Crowded, misaligned, crooked or decaying teeth are quite common among children.

And if you think this is too early to worry about, well let me tell you that dentists say that you should start taking care of this factor while you are pregnant. There are quite a few reasons to consult a dentist so that your child owns a glorious set of pearly whites. Read on to know more.

  • Perinatal Care – AAPD recommends that a mother needs to start visiting the dentist while she is pregnant to avoid problems in the baby’s oral health in the future. You should take measures against periodontal diseases from a very early stage of pregnancy. Apart from this, mothers with the poor dental condition must visit the dentist on a regular basis for floss and checkups.
  • Take your child to the dentist within one year of age – Many parents think that the one year old is too early an age for your child to visit the dentist. Well, as we all know that the first tooth appears within six to eight months. So, visiting the doctor at an early stage will be beneficial for you. Go through all the sections of our website to know more. If you live in and around Anthony TX, Fort Bliss, Horizon City, Socorro, Sunland Park TX, you should contact us immediately.
  • Tooth decay due to milk bottles and sippy cups – Babies generally go to sleep with bottle in their mouth which can either contain milk or fruit juice. They also use sippy cups. As a mother, you must be aware of these and ask your dentist for the alternatives of these, as continuous usage of both can give rise to plaque.

So, don’t delay and contact us immediately. Find the contact details mentioned on our website.