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Lip biting after dental anaesthesia

Lip biting in children often occur after dental treatment that requires some form of anaesthesia. When areas in and around the mouth are numbed there is a period of post-operative analgesia.

During this period lip biting and mouth injuries can occur. Dental Ark is a pediatric dentist in El Paso TX and can help your child with all oral problem including lip biting and chewing. Some pediatric dentists will use a shorter acting aesthetic in order to reduce the time period of post-operative analgesia.

After dental treatment that required anesthetics you need to monitor your child in order to help prevent lip biting, chewing or scratching of numbed areas. During this period of analgesia children should avoid eating solid foods as that will increase the likelihood of mouth injury. Rather opt for soft sacks such as yogurts and smoothies.

The feeling of numbness after anaesthetic dental treatment might be unfamiliar to your child. As a result, your child might bite a numbed area simply out of curiosity. This often involves biting of the lower lip. Lip biting could also be accidental as there is no pain to alert your child. That is why parental monitoring is important after a mandibular nerve block dental procedure.

Lip biting cannot always be avoided but it is not a serious condition. If your child’s lip becomes ulcerated, you can visit pediatric dentist for appropriate treatment. You could also visit a local clinic that employs pediatric nurses. They will be able to provide the appropriate palliative care to deal with the benign condition of ulcerated lips as a result of lip biting. It is also a good idea to inform a primary care nurse or physician regarding a dentist visit in order to help prevent an incorrect diagnosis.  Lip biting ulcers are not infections and should be treated accordingly.