Tooth colored dental fillings are great for small cavities: The Dental Ark
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Tooth colored dental fillings are great for small cavities

If your kid needs dental fillings in El Paso TX then Dental Ark is a good place to go. They are recommended pediatric dentists who specialise in kids’ dentistry. Their environment is more like a fun place than an intimidating surgery, so if your child needs dental fillings or some other dental or oral care, you know where to go.

If your child has slight tooth decay, then dental fillings might be the best solution. Once the filling is complete the restoration is basically invisible. That is because the dentist uses a composite tooth colored material that is shaped and hardened too match the tooth profile.

There are many materials available for dental fillings and colors that range from gold to sliver, from porcelain to tooth colored white. Mostly when it comes to kids the dentist will use a white composite filling that does not distract from the appearance of the tooth. These types of dental fillings are less invasive than crowns and procedures such as pulpotomy.

White composite dental fillings match the actual appearance of the tooth. Most pediatric dentists will use this tooth colored filling when performing restoration in areas that have aesthetic importance. These types of dental filling can be used to correct small cavities on molars and chewing surfaces. When larger fillings are required the dentist may well prefer to use silver fillings since they are stronger and more durable.

Dental fillings are a good solution for small cavities. Modern day dental tooth colored fillings for kids are generally strong enough to withstand day to day activates such as eating, chewing and brushing.  Sealants are often used to in conjunction with dental fillings. The sealant provides extra protection against decay.

For larger cavities and greater decay, a more invasive procedure such as a pulpotomy or root canal might be required.